As a fact the owners are the direct managers of the hotel, offering guests a personalized and warm attention . The Sanchez family is a traditional quiteño family, who has lived in Quito for generations. The current owner of the hotel is Mr. Mario Sanchez. The house was purchased to the Protectoras nuns of Obrero 120 years ago by the Sanchez family . It is for that reason that is far from the frenzy of Quito streets, at the end of an alley. Since then it was used as a center for collection and marketing of different agricultural products brought from the Barrancas farm, situated in Latacunga.

In the halls of this house very important meetings were held between landowners at the time, also business between ranchers and farmers were closed, for them it was very important to have a property in Quito. At that time the city was reduced to the Historical Center we know today. Since then the house has only been inhabited by the same family, without ever having changed ownership for 4 generations. It was in 2012 that opened to the public as a boutique hotel.